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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Friday Feast, on Saturday

Appetizer: What is a word that your framily uses that would not be considered common? My sister in law goes by YaYa (which means Grandmother in Greek) She is a first time Grandmother. Two of my kids had names for their blankets. Holly's was Bee and Kyles was "Gee" the g being pronounced like "goat". Soup: What theme of calandar do you have on your wall this year: Quilting at home and Harry Potter at work. Salad: Name 3 people you speak with on a daily basis. Amy, Mom and all of my children. Main Course: If you could put a new tatoo on someone you know who would it be and what would the tatoo be of and where would you put it on them? There is one girl at work that I would tatoo "WHINER" on her forehead. She is the most irritating person I have ever known and now that she is pregnant she does nothing but complain and goes on and on and she is the only woman in the world who has ever had a baby! My Gosh...I've had 4 and two of them I went completely natural with! Desert: What is the last beverage you drank out of a bottle? I honestly don't know. I'd say beer, but I pour that in a glass with tomato juice, so that's not it.


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