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Friday, August 27, 2004

Halloween bag complete

Hello again.
As you can see by the previous pictures one Halloween bag was completed. Unfortunately, due to family circumstances, I was unable to have anything else ready for the Sept 1 dead line to teach classes in October. This has lead to some mistrust from the district coordinator, not that I blame her. I asked her last night at the teachers meeting what I should work on for the November and December classes and she declined to assign me anything, stating, very diplomatically, that she didn't know how well the classes were going to go and that we should just wait and see. I have decided to stitch up some fall and Christmas shirts on waste canvas as she did mention that they are trying to push that in the stores. I think people will be more receptive to clothing decoration anyway in a sewing store. So I need to get out and buy some sweatshirts. I've also thought of getting a few button down the front denim shirts to stitch as well. I really want to prove myself to this lady as I am the one, through no fault of my own, who has caused this mistrust and false perception of myself.


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