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Sunday, October 17, 2004

The start of another week

Well, It's Sunday. I worked this morning and I'm bushed! Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it to work the 4-10 shift, but then I get 3 days off and I know it is. I tend to get way behind on my email during my work week though. Imagine, I'm feeling guilty because I'm not sitting in front of this computer talking with all my friends. LOL...I should be feeling guilty because Sunday - Wednesday I don't feel like doing the laundry, cooking or cleaning. But of course those are things I have to do.
I received my model stitching project yesterday and I started it last night. I took it to work this morning and got quite a bit done, although not as much as I had hoped. We were actually kind of busy. I do like busy days, though. They make the day fly by. I had several people with lost or stolen cards today. And one poor guy found his card just after I finished reporting it lost. Now he still has to wait for the new one because once it's reported, that number is gone forever. Oh well, let that be a lesson to any one who reads this. Make sure your card is actually missing before you call up your credit card company. Another poor guy had just stepped out of his cab in L.A. and got his things out of the car and the cabbie took off with out giving back the guys card! Go figure. What an idiot that cabbie is. Thankfully he had his personal card on him for this business trip so he won't be without money. I fed-exed his new card to his business office so he'll have it on Tuesday when he gets back.
Well, that was basically my day. Tony fixed dinner...French toast and scrambled eggs. Geez, when I go easy on the dinner like that he gets all upset. But I didn't complain. It was good and I didn't have to cook it! You'd have thought he would have done the dishes today though...Yeah...I like to complain...It's one of the things I do best. LOL But seriously, it was good of him to cook for me.
Well, off to bed. It's after 9 pm and if I'm to be up at 3:30 I'd better get some shut eye.
Keep on stitchin'


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